Troop 5384: Letters to Daisy Girl Scouts

Dear future Daisies,

Being a Daisy is fun and helps you to be a better person. And you can sell cookies. You can earn a journey summit pin, which you can wear on your uniform the whole time you a Girl Scout. You can go on fun field trips and earn patches. And you make new friends!

By learning the Girl Scout law and the Girl Scout promise, it helps you to be a way better person. When somebody is feeling lonely or gets left out or hurt, you can go and play with them, or get a grownup to help them if they are hurt. That's one way to live the Girl Scout law. If you follow all these rules, you'll live a good life and be happy. And Girl Scouts is a really fun way to learn and you live a better life.

Troop 5384


Dear Daisies,

Being a Daisy is loads of fun. You should stay with a Girl Scout troop so you can earn patches and other things. You meet the Daisy Flower Friends. And we think it will help you be a better person when you get older.

When you are a Daisy, you get to do projects. Once we made tree rubbings, and we collected food for the homeless.

We think you will have fun being a Daisy. You make many friends because you are a sister to every Girl Scout. And you do things to make the world better, like planting and weeding.

That's why Girl Scouts are so fun. We think you will have a good time being a Girl Scout.

Troop 5384

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